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  1. Re: What are 3 things you look for when you buy a tablet?

    I've learned not to look at Apple's prices. Politics is one thing, that's debatable and varies from person to person. The main difference between Apple stuff and other mainstream electronics is that...
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    Re: MMORPGs on Phones

    There are a few games from the same developer - Arcane Legends, Star Legends, Pocket Legends, Dark Legends. I've played a few of them for a couple hours each, and i honestly got bored really quickly....
  3. Re: What do you think of IOS 7? Pros and cons pm

    I enjoy iOS7. While the color scheme is personally not to my liking that much, it's fluid, the animations are nice and overall it all feels pretty snappy.
    - Runs flawlessly
    - Many apps have...
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    Re: How to earn money online?

    I personally do swagbucks, clixsense, freemyapps on my iPhone (imho the best, I got $20 in iTunes gift cards in a month). I also hunt for small jobs on freelancer - however, unless you can fill a...
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    Re: Charging cables are JUNK

    I've never had a single problem with any charging cable for the past 7-8 years. That is UNTIL I got an iPhone. The iPhone charging cable is absolute garbage. It already has a few cuts and broken...
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    Re: How to earn money online?

    The thing is, unless you find it yourself, nobody is going to tell you how they are earning money online for a simple reason - they don't you to be taking their potential salary. Most of the sites...
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    Re: Mobile games

    Probably Bejeweled and True Skate. I play those interchangebly essentially every single day. Other than that, I also play QuizUp!, Junk Jack X, Minigore 2 and a few others.
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    Re: The Apple payout

    I've never actually bought anything by accident, so no, it doesn't affect me. Sadly, there are apps and things I never paid for, like TeeVee 2 or the plethora of games I've wasted money on. If only...
  9. Re: Can you go back to IOS 6 after updated to IOS 7?

    4S has apparently had some trouble with iOS 7, which can be solved by hard resetting or updating to 7.1 beta.
    But as per your question, no, it is not possible, definitely not if you're not...
  10. Re: What kind of screen protector do you put on your smartphone?

    I don't use a screen protector, never have and never will.
    I've yet to damage my screen on any of my 4 touch screen smartphones, the only thing that scratched was the back, for which I now have...
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    Re: What is Your Favorite TV Series

    All time favourite is probably Arrested Development. You just watch it over and over again and it still surprises you with hidden jokes and whatnot. The cast is phenomenal, the writing even more so,...
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    Re: Phone Cases

    I have few phone cases for my iPhone. I have a see-through plastic case, for when I feel like showing off my 5S, I have a puzzle pieces case and one that looks like the back of the Nexus 4. I change...
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    Re: Favorite app

    My favourite app is probably Soundhound. Never again will I be left wondering what song I just heard on the radio!
    Other than that, I really really love Reddit Sync, as I'm addicted to reddit, as...
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    Re: How often do you change your ringtone?

    I don't change them at all. I have the default iPhone ringtone and like it, so it stays. It's also fun when all the other iPhone owners in the room go frantically looking for their iPhone when mine...
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    Re: Puzzle Games

    I am addicted to the Diamond Mine in Bejeweled. As weird as that sounds. It's just one of those games where you feel satisfied when you reach a high score.
    While technically not a puzzle (or is it?)...
  16. Re: What are 3 things you look for when you buy a tablet?

    Instead of ranting about Android tablets, I should have focused more on the 3 things :P
    What I looked for in my last tablet was the following:
    - Screen size (needed it to be 10 inches, since I use...
  17. Re: What are 3 things you look for when you buy a tablet?

    After having owned 2 Android tablets, I'm never buying another one again. They slow down so much over the span of a year. When brand new, they are incredibly fast, and then just slow down gradually....
  18. Re: What app do you use to stream videos on your phone?

    I use Netflix on my phone. It doesn't have the newest episodes, but it has A LOT of shows in HD, costs only $7.99/mo and is completely legal.
    But honestly, watching anything on such a small screen...
  19. Re: Does anyone still use Bluetooth devices?

    I bought a bluetooth earpiece like a year ago, because I wanted to do hands-free Skyping with my friends when I was abroad in a place that had WiFi everywhere. Not only did I end up not using it...
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    Re: Time management games

    I guess it should be called just management games - you not only manage time, but also resources, space, equipment etc.
  21. Thread: Typos

    by fromtheground


    This is not a big issue, just something that bugs me, as a grammar and spelling freak.
    There are a few spelling mistakes typos here and there - like Andriod and such.
    But it's nothing that can't be...
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    Hey there

    Hey, I'm Nick.

    Mobile phones have been my obsession for years now.
    My first 'proper' smartphone was the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1, the Android prototype. Then, my second phone was the Samsung Galaxy...
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    Re: Time management games

    I love time management games. Diner Dash was always one of my favourites, but I also like all the various types of Chocolatier, Pizza Makers, restaraunts and whatnot. Probably my favourite part is...
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