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  1. Thread: Phone Cases

    by cpefley

    Re: Phone Cases

    I buy my cases on Amazon. Make sure to check where they are shipping from, because a lot of the cheaper ones come from China. I like that there are lots of reviews on all the cases so you can tell...
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    Re: Charging cables are JUNK

    I have the same problem! I don't know why, but they always stop working after a few months. I am constantly buying new cords. Even when there isn't anything cosmetically wrong with it. Not sure what...
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    Re: optimus 5 vm670

    That is awful internal storage. I always looks at that before I buy a phone, because there are so many apps that won't let me move them to an SD card. That must be really frustrating having to delete...
  4. Re: Can you go back to IOS 6 after updated to IOS 7?

    You can reset your phone and it will downgrade the operating system, but fromtheground it right, upgrading to 7.1 might help.
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    Re: What's the best HTC phone now?

    I love HTC phones. I think the HTC One Max is the best phone they have so far. I was looking into them, although I'm partial to iPhones. I do think that HTC has far superior phones, as opposed to...
  6. Thread: NFC tags

    by cpefley

    NFC tags

    Has anyone heard of NFC tags? My son got a new phone that was NFC enabled and he bought these little discs that he can use to automatically make his phone do different things, like open an app,...
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    Re: Problem with the camera clarity.

    That is really too bad, because they are such nice devices. I really wanted one, but having a great camera is important to me. I did learn the hard way that high megapixels didn't mean higher...
  8. Thread: Favorite app

    by cpefley

    Re: Favorite app

    I have many apps that I love. I really like Pocket Informer 3. It is expensive, but I got it when it was the Free App of the day on Amazon. I wish Google Play did that. I really like ibotta too and...
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    Re: The Apple payout

    I didn't know that they did that. I have gotten money back from Amazon for the same reason, because they don't ask for the p***word when they download content. It always asks on my iPhone though, so...
  10. Re: What app do you use to stream videos on your phone?

    I use Netflix, Hulu Plus (which are $7.99 a piece), and YouTube. There are great videos and even movies on YouTube. Some people don't realize that there are full length movies there and they are...
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