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  1. Re: How come there is no discussion on Huawei phones here

    I've played with the Huawei P1 in a shop the other week, and I was impressed by the build quality and the specs. In my eyes, it looks much better than the iPhone 4s or even 5. I was excited about the...
  2. Re: Can you go back to IOS 6 after updated to IOS 7?

    I think the above poster is right, the phone slows down because of apps that are not 100 % compatible with the new OS. You should check this issue before doing anything else.
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    LG G2 - opinions ?

    Besides the tech specs, which are phenomenal in my opinion ( just a few : LTE, 5.2" HD screen, 13 mpixel camera, 1080p Video rec...) I want to know if anyone uses it on a regular basis, and can tell...
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    Re: Are You Going to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S5?

    If they will go the HTC One route in terms of build materials, I will buy it. Samsung is at the top of the smartphone game, and when they will chose better materials for their flagship phones, I'll...
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    Re: How often do you change your ringtone?

    I just changed my ringtone yesterday. The second time since I've had this phone, almost a year now. The problem is that I need a couple of days to get used to the new ringtone, so I know that it's my...
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    Asus Memo HD 7

    Are you familiar with this tablet ? Does anyone use it ? I know all the specs, I've read reviews on-line, and I am almost ready to purchase it.

    The main selling point, when compared to other...
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    Re: What's the best HTC phone now?

    I have to go with the HTC One. Excellent specs, great design, impressive screen, over the top camera, and is great as an audio player too. The pairing with Beats by Dre is a market killer.
    I just...
  8. Re: Did you embrace the Phablet concept outright?

    The phablet impressed me with it's technical details, especially the Note 3. It really is the best of both worlds. But I can't really see myself using it to replace my phone. I just can't use such a...
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    Re: Nokia's Sell To Microsoft

    I like this move made by Nokia and Microsoft, as it saved Nokia as a phone manufacturer. And also it will give Microsoft a chance to push Windows Mobile even further, and maybe soon it will be a real...
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