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Thread: Apps that help you earn a bit of income online

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    Apps that help you earn a bit of income online

    I have seen a number of apps that claim to pay you cash and other items. However, I think only a few of them are legit. One of the most legit apps that help you make money using only your phone is Tapporo. You just download the app, browse videos, install different games, and refer people and watch your credits grow. These credits could then be exchanged for real cash and could be redeemed via PayPal.

    Aside from Tapporo, what other apps do you know of that help you earn some cash online?

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    Re: Apps that help you earn a bit of income online

    I know of similar apps who are also genuine, namely MintCoins and CashPirate.. I know few kids who use these apps to earn their pocket money.. I think it is complete waste of time.. after spending hours on your mobile, sacrificing your time, effort, battery and network, what you get is a peanut. I think there is no replacement to your hardwork to ensure a good life style.
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