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Thread: MMORPGs on Phones

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    MMORPGs on Phones

    Mobile devices have evolved so much that they support a lot of things that were never even dreamt of before. One of the things that I thought was never possible on a mobile phone was playing MMORPGs. More and more people are now using their phones to play RPGs on the go, specifically those that are MMO. Have you ever played a MMORPG on mobile before? Was it fun? Do you have any recommendations when it comes to MMORPGs?

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    Re: MMORPGs on Phones

    There are a few games from the same developer - Arcane Legends, Star Legends, Pocket Legends, Dark Legends. I've played a few of them for a couple hours each, and i honestly got bored really quickly. They are all fairly similar, if not really similar, have the same mechanics, just different themes and items. Rip-off.

    Now a game that I did enjoy was Order & Chaos Online by Gameloft. It has a real MMORPG feel to it, has an extensive game world and is just pleasant to play. However, the controls on the iPhone are far too inconvenient to play it for more than a couple hours before getting frustrated.

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    Re: MMORPGs on Phones

    Magic Online. It's not really a pure MMORPG, because you use cards instead of characters, but it's almost the same mechanics. You can play against other players and the computer. You can get new cards by playing daily and getting rewards. I recommend it to anyone interested in online card games.

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